Thursday, June 3, 2010

Preparation for and Planting of Sweet Corn

This year I planted my sweet corn on May 2nd. We enjoyed the sweetness of the type selected for last year's growing so much that I planted the same type this year. It is called Whiteout, F1, from Johnny's Selected Seeds. It's said to be 25% sweeter than Silver Queen, and based on the taste of last year's harvest, I believe it's true.

After thoroughly tilling my garden, I prepared the area for corn by using my high-wheel cultivator, or push-plow as some folks like to call it, to create furrows for the corn seed. I went in both directions with the push-plow to get the maximum depth possible with it. I knew I would need that soil for later on in the season when it came time to hill the corn.

When I finished with the push-plow the furrows were just right for using the Precision Garden Seeder to put the seed in the ground.

Although the seeder had a disk for planting corn, the seed I had was smaller than what the seeder disk was designed for. The seeder disk was picking up two seeds at a time, which was too much. I saw online where one person had adapted his planter to suite his needs, so that's what I did too. I selected a disk with ten seed pickup slots, and put duct tape over every other one in order to cut the seeding to about 4 seeds per foot of revolution of the drive wheel.

I verified that the distribution was going to be 4 seeds per foot of row by raising the hopper over a pan and turning the drive wheel three measured revolutions, then I counted the seeds that were dispensed. Three revolutions equals three feet x four seeds per foot for a total of 12 seeds dispensed. That's what I got in the pan.

Now I was ready to plant the corn. I set the depth of the trough on the seeder to a depth of one and a half inches, I put the seed in the hopper, and I began seeding. It went very well! In the second picture below, you can see in the bottom of the furrow where the rear wheel of the seeder flattened the soil.

Here is the corn 23 days after planting, on May 25th.

Here is the corn on June 3rd. I hilled it about four days ago.

Here is a short video about my two Precision Garden Seeders that I bought at a Church Bazaar for $6 apiece! You can see the workings a little closer this way.

By the way, it DID turn out well!

Thanks for visiting my Blog. Take time to plant some vegetables. You won't regret it!

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