Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reliance Grape Problems on June 5th, 2011.

Last year, my Reliance grapes had the most vine growth out of the three types of grapes that I have. The other two types are Himrod and Glenora. All are seedless varieties. The other two types are doing excellent, each having dozens of clusters of grapes. This year, the vine that was the very best last year didn't even show signs of growth other than two small leaves at ground level. They have since withered away. The other Reliance vine came back and has many clusters of grapes on it. However, I think it is dieing. Take a look at this video of the vines and see what you think. This is a big impact on the gardening morale since I have been nurturing these vines for three years. Now in the fourth year when they are supposed to really produce, they get this. But, no one ever said growing things was easy. (Other than the directions on seed packets.)


I've contacted the Virginia Cooperative Extension Office (which, thankfully, is only two blocks over from our house) and I was asked to bring them a sample on Monday morning and they're going to send it right to their lab on the Virginia Eastern Shore to see if they can determine what the problem is.

All my vegetables and fruits are organic. I don't want to spray or treat them with anything that is not organic, since my grandchildren actively help me in the garden.

If anyone has any thoughts or experiences with this problem that you would like to share, I welcome your comments.

Thanks, and happy gardening!
Veggie PAK



  1. Sorry to hear the bad news. Having a four-year-old grapevine fall sick must be like having one of your kids fall sick - you nurture them just as much!

  2. Mark Willis, you are so right.

  3. Oh dear. I hope you find out what is wrong with it and can fix the problem. I grew grapes for about 15 years, but never had any trouble, so don't know what kind of diseases they can get.

  4. I hope the extension office comes through. Let us know what they say.

    A day or two is awfully fast - could something have eaten through the roots?

  5. Daphne, I hope it's a fixable problem. We'll see.

    Karen Anne, I was wondering about the roots too. For something to affect it that fast, something must have gotten to them.

    Thanks for visiting!
    Veggie PAK