Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Presto" Change'o...

The 8 1/2 pounds of green beans that I picked a couple days ago have been changed...

From this:

To this:

Eleven pressure canned quarts of delicious and healthy organically produced green beans.

Believe me, it took more than snapping my fingers to get this done! It took snapping the beans too!

Have a wonderful gardening day!
Veggie PAK


  1. When they are preserved this way, do they taste and feel as nice as fresh ones? The bottled and canned ones I have had have always been softer, and they have lost their vibrant colour and texture. I prefer to open-freeze any surplus beans I have.

  2. Yum! So much already canned and still a long season left to go. I still have a little longer before I get to harvest my green beans... I was more focused on getting my drying beans in the ground first and neglected my green beans until recently.

  3. Yum, they look nice & pretty. I cant wait for my green beans to come in.

  4. I was going to ask the same question as Mark Willis! I love fresh green beans, but storebought canned ones, ack not so much. I'm curious about the flavor/quality of home canned green beans. Do they maintain their snap?

  5. Mark Willis, and thyme2garden, the home canned ones are softer than fresh, and you can watch the color change in seconds when the boiling water is added. However, I think because of the speed of processing and absence of chemicals and preservatives, the flavor is excellent! I choose to not freeze mine because I like the fact that home canned foods need no refrigeration. We have had power outages here in the past, so I like to be prepared as well as I am able.
    Since they are snapped before going into the jars, I haven't had a need to try to snap them after canning. I'm sure they are not as crisp as a fresh green bean. I had to make a choice: Did I want fresh snap beans only during the growing season; or did I want them whenever I chose, saved in a manner using no chemicals or preservatives and needing no refrigeration.

    Prairie Cat, I do love my snap beans. They're delicious! Don't think of it as neglect, think of it as "scheduling"! I don't have any experience with harvesting dried beans yet, but I'm trying. I have an eight foot long row of petaluma gold rush beans that I planted on April 12th. Lots of vines, but no beans yet. I'm beginning to wonder about them.

    Jennifer, green beans are great! The thing that sold me on this variety is that it is absolutely stringless and has a wonderful flavor.