Monday, April 16, 2012

Harvest Monday for April 16th, 2012.

We had no harvests this week, but we were taking care of items like putting up the fencing for the beans to grow on and a few other things.

It seems like this is the time for a lot of vegetables to start bolting. I took a few pics to share with you on how things are growing for us.

The buttercrunch lettuce is well on it's way to producing some seed for next year's crop.

The Swiss chard surprised me when it started bolting. I hadn't seen it do that before since we usually pulled out the old plants to make room for the new ones..

They really get tall compared to what they usually look like.

They still have that pretty red stalk to brighten up the garden.

Even the green onions have begun to develop seed heads. They look like long green candles with green flames on them.

My Glenora grapes have clusters on them already. They don't even have many leaves right now, but that isn't stopping the grapes.

That concludes this short post on our garden's status. I hope everyone is having a wonderful time preparing their garden!

Have a wonderful vegetable gardening day!
Veggie PAK


  1. My onions are going to seed too. I've never let them before, but I figured why not. They are hybrids though so I have no clue if their seed will be any good. Might be nice, might not be.

  2. I'll be trying Swiss Chard this year! I'm your newest follower! Come on over to my bog and check out what I am doing this planting season. Fun, fun!!

  3. Wish you had a subscription button on your blog so that I could get your post in my email as you post it!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I think I have it in there now.
      Have a wonderful day!