Thursday, August 2, 2012

Canning My First Fig Jam.

This is just a short post on canning homemade jam.

Over a three day period, I collected three pounds of figs from my tree in our back yard. I love figs, so I decided to try making some homemade fig jam. Of all the canning that I have done, I think this was the easiest to do correctly.

I used the recipe "How To Make Homemade Fig Jam - Easily!" which I found at

When I was through, I had seven half-pints of delicious fig jam, plus a little more that went into the refrigerator!

The fig tree still has dozens of figs in various stages of development, so I will surely be making more, and if I get enough figs before the ants do, I'll make fig preserves.

That's all for now. It was a short post, wasn't it?

I would like to wish my mom a Happy Birthday today as she turns 89 years young. She still has her own vegetable and flower garden, and she is active in her gardening club.

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!

I hope everyone is having a great gardening day!
Veggie PAK


  1. We just planted a fig tree this year. Maybe next year I will have enough to try this recipe. Looks delicious. Happy b-day to your mother!

  2. Oh figs. Yum. I hope my trees produce something next year. I really do.

  3. Looks great, as always Veggie PAK. Enjoy the preserves and happy b-day to your mother.

  4. your mom sounds awesome! I'm jealous of your canning fun. I'm dying to have a fig tree but have no room for even a small tree. Well, I have room, but no room in a sunny spot.

  5. Wow. Salute to your mother. She has a vegetable garden? . Please covey my hugs from India to her!