Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The "Great Pumpkin" Free Seed Giveaway!

In a previous post, I had various pictures of the pumpkin that someone had discarded. I wanted it simply because it was gigantic! It was so heavy that I could barely get it into the truck! I hadn't seen a pumpkin that large before, so I couldn't resist getting it for the seeds.

As I shared with readers at that time, I wanted it in order to open it and harvest the seeds. I had been reading about seed saving and this looked like a great opportunity to harvest some.

When opened, it was cavernous inside. I wanted to get a size comparison picture so I used a regular ballpoint pen. Quite a comparison!

I washed the seeds thoroughly and spread them on a kitchen towel to dry. I dried them for a few days, turning them frequently. You can see the penny in the center for size comparison.

I expect that these are perfectly good seeds. I have no idea how much room the vines will need to grow, but I think it will be substantial. If you have sufficient room, why not give it a try?

So here's the deal. I packaged the seeds into 14 envelopes labeled:

"Very Large Pumpkin Seeds -2010 -12 seeds"

The first fourteen people that email me at veggiegardenblogger@gmail.com to request the seeds by providing their return mailing address will have one sent to them at no cost. I just want to share the seeds of this Great Pumpkin! When they all have been distributed, I will let everyone know that the supply has been exhausted. If 12 seeds are more than you need, share the excess with your friends that have sufficient space to grow them.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Veggie PAK


  1. Wow, if I had room to spare I would take you up on the offer. That is a gigantic pumpkin!

  2. Oh Veggie PAK, I want some! But I'm pretty sure you aren't allowed to post seeds to Australia, we have very strict quarantine laws that carry hefty fines :(

    I'll follow your seeds' progress though, I hope you get some whoppers!

    ps I spoke to my mother about their grapevine, and she said that they let one main stem grow, but cut the rest right back. Hope that helps :)

  3. I wish that I had the plots organized and ready to go....I know that I won't have the room to grow them this year :(

  4. I never grow C pepo winter squash as the borers get it everytime. I'd be afraid of it taking over my garden too. It is a monster.

  5. What a beautiful pumpkin!! That is so great that you are sharing some seeds.
    Peace & Raw Health,
    PS I answered your question about the buckwheat on my blog, under your post :)

  6. Very Cool! Nice huge purtty pumpkin!

  7. I'll make room for these! I can't believe how big that pumpkin is!!

  8. Kay, thanks for stopping by my blog. That pumpkin was definitely a monster.

    Ali, I hope I get some whoppers, and thanks for the grapevine info!

    Robin, judging from your weather, you should plant snow peas! Ha! Ha!

    meemsnyc, you'll be getting some seeds!

    Daphne, the little 5 pound sugar pumpkins I planted had vines 10 feet long. No telling how long the vines for this one will get.

    Elizabeth, people have shared with me, so I'm just passing it on...
    Thanks for your answer to my question!

    Jennifer, Thanks! I wish I could have weighed it.

    Kim, You are first on the list!

    When the last envelope of seeds is spoken for I will mail them all out. There are only 4 that are unspoken for.

    Thanks to all of you for visiting my blog and sharing your comments with me.

    Veggie PAK

  9. That pumpkin is so cool..are you going to try growing it this year?

  10. Mr. H, Sorry for the late reply, but yes, I'm going to try to grow one/some this year. I just haven't figured out where!

    Have a great gardening day!
    Veggie PAK