Monday, May 9, 2011

Tell the EPA to keep toxic strawberries off America's plates

This is the second issue that I choose to share with you. Just because fruit is for sale in a supermarket don't think that it is safe to eat. The FDA and the USDA aren't looking out for us, the people. We can't buy their influence like corporations can.

Thanks for reading my blog and allowing me to share this with you. I hope you find it informative.
Veggie PAK

The excerpt follows:

"It’s springtime again and soon it will be summer and children across the country will be enjoying one of their favorite fruits — strawberries. Unfortunately, due to a poor decision last year by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and outgoing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, America’s children will continue to be exposed to the toxic pesticide methyl iodide. [1]

Known as “one of the most toxic chemicals on earth”, methyl iodide is a proven cancer causing agent as well as an endocrine disruptor and powerful neurotoxin. Allowing it to be sprayed on one of America’s favorite fruits will endanger our children who eat them, farm workers and local residents in California.

Already banned in New York and Washington because of its toxic properties, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now reviewing the 2007 Bush era decision to approve methyl iodide for agricultural usage. The EPA is asking for comments from the American public in helping them make the decision on whether or not to ban this toxic chemical for agricultural use.

More than 50 scientists criticized the 2007 approval stating that the review process was hidden from the public and the focus of the research was too limited. There is little left to debate on the safety and necessity for this chemical use. [2]

Let the EPA hear our voices loud and clear: NO Methyl Iodide - now or ever.

Please take a moment to register your comments today. It's easy. We have suggested text for you, but encourage you to use your own words to make it more impactful. Click on here to send your message to Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator.

Just today Time magazine revealed 3 different studies that demonstrate that pregnant mothers exposed to agricultural pesticides give birth to children with lower IQ's. [3]

It’s time to let the chemical pesticide industry and our government know that we’ll no longer stand idly by as they continue to put corporate profits over the health and safety of our families, farm workers and the American public.

Tell EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to ban the toxic methyl iodide from being used on our food and our fields.

Click here to add your voice to the public comment to make sure the EPA bans methyl iodide for agricultural usage.

Thank you for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! Team


1. "The Terminator: Schwarzenegger's Killer Pesticide", The Atlantic Monthly, January 19, 2011.

2."Letter to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from 50 Top U.S. Scientists Asking EPA to Ban Methyl Iodide", September 24, 2007.  

3. "Exposure to pesticides in pregnancy can lower children's IQ", Time Magazine, April 21, 2010.  "


  1. The situation with the food in this country is so so scary!!! I am afraid that most of the food sold in regular super markets will be un-safe to eat. What is wrong with our goverment??? I guess that Monsanto has everyone in their pockets. Did you know that they also developed DDT & Agent Orange??? Big surprise!! Everyone who actually has a clue as to what is going on with our MUST GET INVOLVED!!

  2. Robin, most of the food sold in regular supermarkets is probably already unsafe to eat. I hope more people get involved with what is going on with our food supply. The chemicals we are ingesting are terrible. Like the RBGH in beef which has been said to be a cancer accelerant. Yet people go out and participate in a walk for a cure of something and then sit down to hamburgers or steak with RBGH tainted beef in them. People just don't know and most don't seem to care. They just keep marching like sheep off a cliff. As far as Agent Orange goes, I thought I read that the stockpiles of it were modified chemically after the war to produce round up. No wonder it works so well. The actual data would be worth checking into on an individual basis. That way, everyone would be exposed to the hard facts.

  3. I expect we in the UK have similar problems, if only we knew about it. All the more reason for us gardeners to grow our own produce, eh?

  4. Mark Willis, you are absolutely right! Grow our own produce, or at least buy local where you can see how plants are grown.

  5. I'm a retired organic chemist. Methyl iodide is a methylating agent commonly used in synthetic labs. It is a bad actor. I always hated to use it because of it's toxicity and it's tendency to decompose. I'll never buy any more supermarket strawberries.

  6. gardenvariety-hoosier, now I dislike it even more! When I see strawberries in the supermarket, I can't help but wonder if they have been doused with Methyl iodide. I sure don't buy them!

    Thanks for the visit and sharing your comment with me. I appreciate it!
    Veggie PAK