Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Veggie PAK's First Blogging Anniversary on May 31st, 2011.

I began my blogging adventures one year ago today. It has been very interesting and fun. I have learned a lot about different methods of growing vegetables from a wide array of kind-hearted people that I have met during this past year.
To celebrate my blogging anniversary, I decided to do a little post on the status of our garden.

The petaluma gold rush beans are doing well planted where the chayote was located last year. The beans have been climbing vigorously the last couple of days and are looking nice and healthy.

The raspberries are growing pretty good, so there should be a nice total harvest this year.

The sorrell is ready for harvesting again. It's growing very well in this container.

The few seeds of bouquet dill have grown fairly well in the containers I planted them in.

The tomatoberry has sprouted two green tomatoes since my grandson Noah helped me transplant it to this pot.

My grapes are going to produce a wonderful harvest for us this year. The vines are full of grape clusters with more on the way. I can hardly wait for them!


You can see the figs that I circled in order to see that there will be quite a few on the tree this year.

The whiteout corn is growing very nicely. It's time to side dress it and hill it up.

The six rows of fortex snap beans are doing great!  On June 1st, I'll be sowing the next planting of seed directly underneath the fence fabric. The existing vines will guide the new vines to the fence fabric.

The ruby red Swiss chard is doing very well and is almost ready for a harvest. We enjoy stuffed Swiss chard leaves for dinner from time to time.

Giant Marconi Green peppers are doing very well. It won't be long and these will be ready for picking.

The Big Boy tomatoes are flowering out very well. Thank goodness for all the honey bees from two doors down for pollinating them!

That's it for this anniversary post. I thank each person that helped me by answering my questions during this time. I also thank my wife for proofreading most of my work. She's been a big supporter of mine and I appreciate her efforts.

Happy gardening to all.

Have a wonderful day.
Veggie PAK


  1. Congratulations on a fine achievement! Many blogs come and go very rapidly, but yours looks is if it is here to stay - for which I am very glad.
    BTW: what's the difference between a tomato and a tomatoberry?

  2. Aww congratulations Veggie Pak - well done! And I must say, your garden produce looks simply magnificent - the corn is brilliant!

  3. Happy 1st Blogiversary to you!! It's been a pleasure reading your blog and watching your garden grow! It looks like you are going to have some really good harvests this year!!

  4. Congrats. And your garden looks wonderful.

  5. happy blogiversary! Your state of the garden looks great. I like the idea of sowing another crop of peas which will use the older peas to guide their way up.

  6. an auspicious day! perfect for pie making - recipe added. thanks, dear friend.

  7. Mark Willis, Thank you! A tomatoberry is a small tomato, about 3/4" to 1" long. They grow on a potted tomato plant. To give you some idea of their size, last year we got 342 tomatoberries that weighed 5.48 pounds. Delicious tomato flavor!

    Ali, Thank you so much!

    Robin, Thanks for your kind words. I'll never forget how your kind help guided me when I was just starting out with blogging.

    Daphne, Thanks! And thanks too for Harvest Monday's! It is a very inspirational tool to get people to share information on their harvests.

    Wendy, I hope that this succession planting plays out the way it does in the books. I should get a great harvest then!

    Thank you to all those who read my blog and those that shared their comments with me. It's reassuring to know there are kind, like-minded people out there willing to share their knowledge on a subject in order to help others. Especially when the subject is producing your own home-grown food!

    Thanks to All,
    Veggie PAK

  8. You have done a wonderful job on your garden. Enjoy your harvest!

  9. daisy, Thank you, and thanks for visiting and sharing your comment!

    Veggie PAK

  10. I'm alittle late but... Congratulations on 1 year of bloggin. Your garden looks wonderful. We have 1 grape vine that is doing so good, I think we planted it almost 4 years ago, last year we got a pretty good lil harvest from it, I made 3 1/2 pints of grape jelly. This year I'll be makin more.

  11. Jennifer, according to the Virginia Cooperative Extension Guidelines and others that I have read, the fourth year is supposed to be a really good one. That is when the grapes are "established", so you should have a great crop. Good job making jelly! It's hard work, but it sure makes you feel proud when you're finished.
    Veggie PAK