Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Harvest Monday for August 1st, 2011.

Our harvest this week was pretty good. I haven't had time for pics, but here are the statistics:

Big Boy Tomatoes     23 each @ 8 pounds

Parks Whopper Tomatoes     26 each @ 6 3/4 pounds

Patio Tomatoes     3 each @ 1 1/4 ounces

Roma Tomatoes      18 each @ 2  1/2 pounds

San Marzano Tomatoes     31 each @ 2 1/2 pounds

Heritage Red Raspberries     4 ounces

Brown Turkey Figs     12 each @ 7 1/2 ounces

That's it for this week.

Except for one more thing. I got a Mantis Mini Tiller for my birthday! I love it! Look out weeds!

Have a great vegetable gardening day!
Veggie PAK


  1. I presume you will be canning tomatoes or making gallons of relish soon, then??

  2. Wow that a lot of tomatoes! and I reckon there are heaps more dangling on your tomato plants.

  3. It must be time to can! You have a lot of tomatoes there.

  4. Well done on the tomato harvests! And congratulations on the new mantis tiller. They are handy to have for a larger garden area.

  5. hey VPak! just wanted to let you know i pointed folks to your site - thanks SO MUCH for your recent posts about all these goings on. see here:

    your pal,

  6. Impressive! I've never heard of Parks Whopper -will have to check it out! Have fun with the tiller - weeding can be very therapeutic.

  7. Mark Willis, Daphne, Yesterday I made 10 pints of pasta sauce. The next batch of tomatoes I'm going to work on processing is for pizza sauce.

    Malay-Kadazan girl, There are a few more on my plants, but I hope more will still grow. This hasn't been a particularly good year for tomatoes here.

    kitsapFG, Thanks! I really like the Mantis! I wish I had gotten one years ago after seeing how this one performs.

    Ohiofarmgirl, Great! Everyone needs to get involved with their own action to promote sustainability. There's no reason why each person couldn't have at least one or two vegetable plants, even in containers on a porch or balcony. Even with my garden, I'm going to step back and take a look to see what I can do to improve in the way of sustainability. Thank you for helping spread the word on the sustainable development agenda!

    JGH, I really like the Parks Whoppers. They are a nice, large round tomato and have been good producers for me. I like them much better than the Brandywines I had previously, even though the Brandywines are so large. Unlike the Brandywines, the Park's Whopper's stems aren't recessed way into the tomato. I think that gives me more usable "meat" for processing. I must say though, that the Burpee Big Boys are also very nice shaped tomatoes as well.

    Thanks to each of you for stopping by and sharing a comment with me.

    Have a wonderful vegetable gardening day!
    Veggie PAK