Monday, November 21, 2011

Harvest Monday for November 21st, 2011.

We've had three hard frosts this past week and they really burned the tops of the tomato vines. There's no hope for them to survive much longer. There are still tomatoes on them that are that light green color they get just before they begin to turn pink. The weather this week is supposed to be in the low to mid sixties, so I'm taking a chance and leaving them on the vines to see it they will ripen more. I even used the organic tomato fertilizer on them yesterday and watered it in thoroughly.

Here are nine tomatoes that weighed three and one-quarter pounds for this week's harvest. Four of them are a great size for tomato sandwiches.

The giant marconi peppers came through with a beautiful harvest of 60 peppers that weighed in at five pounds fourteen ounces! With the pending warm weather for this week, I left the little ones on the plants to hopefully get some additional growth for next week's harvest.

I had about two ounces of raspberries on the canes, but they didn't make it to the kitchen. I was outside with my two year old granddaughter Celie and her mom Liz, and I held up a cane and showed Celie the raspberries and asked her if she wanted to pick one. She did. She picked them one by one by one and ate them all right there! Watching her pick them with her little fingers and put them in her mouth was a sweet thing to watch. There's something special about seeing your grandchildren picking and eating food from your garden. They'll never forget where their food comes from and they'll never forget their experience in your garden.

This completes another harvest monday for Back Yard Organic Vegetables.

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Veggie PAK


  1. I know just you mean about the pleasure you can derive from seeing your grandchildren learning about and enjoying the produce from your garden. I'm surprised you are still harvesting tomatoes in November...

  2. Mark Willis, Grandchildren are great! It's like having our kids little again so we can enjoy them some more. Harvesting tomatoes in November? We're surprised too!

    Thanks for visiting!
    Veggie PAK

  3. Lovely tomatoes and peppers. What a sweet story about your granddaughter! :D

  4. My grand kids practically lived with me for a year; they fed & watered the bunnies and didn't mind that we were going to eat some of them. They grew sunflowers that were 10 feet tall and harvested the seeds to eat. They helped cut and thresh a patch of wheat and grind it into flower for pancakes....that was a couple of years ago and they still talk about those things even tho they moved farther away and I don't see them much now.

  5. Awww, I would have let her pick them all too, lol. Love your peppers, couldn't seem to get mine to do anything for the past couple years but hopefully next year...

  6. I hope your tomatoes and peppers make it to an other harvest. :) Your granddaughter sounds adorable.


  7. Hi, Wow your peppers look great! do you pickle any of them? We too can have early frosts which can effect the tomato plants, i have pulled out the whole plant and hung it in the shed while the tomatoes ripen, it worked!

  8. kitsapFG, Thanks! I love all my grandchildren so much!

    Mary Hysong, What great life experiences you provided for them! They'll always possess that knowledge.

    becky3086, I can't get regular bell peppers to produce a single pepper, but these are phenominal! Giant Marconi Green peppers. Try a few plants next year. I bet you'll be glad you did!

    My Urban Gardens, My peppers will make up another harvest, but I'll be picking the tomatoes off the vines as the vines are gone for this year. Those successive 3 frosts did them in. Interesting that it didn't harm the peppers so far. They're still producing new flowers.

    Andrea, I haven't tried pickling any peppers this year. They sound like they would be tasty! I'll try that with the tomatoes next year. Today the vines are all brown already. I'm picking ALL the tomatoes that are left.

    Daphne, Thank you.

    I appreciate each and every person that visits as well as those that share their comments with me.

    Wishing everyone a warm gardening day,
    Veggie PAK