Monday, December 26, 2011

Harvest Monday for December 26th, 2011.

First of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Christmas. Ours was very nice with having all four grandkids in the house at once. It was really a lot of fun!

Anyway here we are, poised at the end of another gardening year. It seems that it sure went by fast in that this Harvest Monday is the last one for 2011.

So here's the latest info:

The marconi peppers are finally finished producing for the year with these little ones weighing a total of just three and a half ounces.

We picked one and one-quarter pounds of buttercrunch lettuce from a few of the plants in the two rows we have.

We picked eight and one-quarter pounds of collards for taking to our family Christmas dinner. The whole family is looking forward to them.

Two Inspectors from the Bureau of Broccoli came by to inspect the crop and said that it was ready for a small harvest.

We ended up harvesting our first pound of broccoli this week. It's delicious!

If you recall that celery root that I planted in a container, this pic shows the harvest from it. No, not the big stalks. The little sprigs at the bottom left. I couldn't resist using them as part of the Christmas stuffing/dressing that I make. They weighed a whopping one ounce.

Well, that concludes a year of Harvest Mondays. I have sure enjoyed reading all the blogs that were part of the Harvest Mondays hosted by DaphnesDandelions. I want to say thanks to all the people that have visited my blog in the past year and those that shared their comments with me.

Best wishes to everyone for the new year, and have a great vegetable gardening day.
Veggie PAK


  1. Hi Veggie PAK; Hope you have recovered a bit from the depradations of the four grandkids! We only have one, and that was tiring enough!
    The Celery Root that you mention, that is what I call Celeriac, isn't it? Did your plants swell up to produce any worthwhile bulb, or did you just eat the stalks? I have found this to be a very difficult veg to grow successfully.

  2. Wow those are some big collard leaves! Wow, still peppers in Dec? Good for you!

  3. It's a good thing the inspectors arrived! That's some nice broccoli and the collards are to die for! We just love collards around here. Mine are still quite small.

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog and watching your garden grow this year.

    Here's to a bountiful New Gardening Year!

  4. The broccoli, collards, and lettuces look absolutely yummy! The inspectors are pretty cute too. :D

  5. Wow 8 lbs is a lot of collards. Though it is the broccoli I envy. I'll have to start buying mine from the grocery store :<

  6. Mark Willis, The Grandkids were great! They all wanted to help in the garden without being asked... well, except the 7 month old! She did look like she wanted to join the others though.
    The celery I grew is not the same as Celeriac. I had to look it up to find out. When I bought a pack of celery from the grocery store, after cutting off the stalks, I planted the bottom part instead of putting it on the compost pile. I had heard that it would grow, and it did, but this late in the year I didn't think it would survive the winter temperatures, so I used the stalks that had grown. The Celeriac appears to be completely different than what I have.

    Mary Hysong, The collard leaves were big ones and they sure cooked up to be very good. Those were the last of my peppers, so they were kind of scrawney. Now I'm going to try to get the plants to overwinter so they will get a head start in spring. I hope that works!

    Robin, The inspectors did a great job. I love when they come by! We have 13 rows of collards that we grow through the winter.
    I have really enjoyed your blog and reading about your experiencves with your plots being moved around. You did a LOT of work to get that all ready for your garden!
    You're right. Here's to a bountiful New Gardening Year! (clink)

    Thanks to all of you for following my gardening adventures throughout this year. It's always very interesting to see how others are doing their gardens. I've learned some interesting things about how to grow things better.

    Have a great new year!
    Veggie PAK

  7. Karen Anne, I must agree with you!

    Thanks for visiting!
    Veggie PAK

  8. Great harvest! Your grandkids are so cute!!! :)


  9. wow, look at all that! The kids must have had a lot of fun hunting for broccoli among those huge healthy plants!