Monday, January 2, 2012

My First Harvest Monday for 2012!

We are starting out this new year with a harvest of broccoli and buttercrunch lettuce from our garden.

We picked ten ounces of broccoli yesterday. Today I am going to apply an organic fertilizer to the entire garden and then water it in. It hasn't been cold enough for me to drain my well pump so I'll use that today.

I picked eight ounces of lettuce this morning. I have more to pick later on for family members. I still have six plants left in their plastic pots that I haven't planted. I'll have to squeeze them in somewhere so they don't go to waste.

Now it was time for my field workers to do their jobs. I bought a garlic bulb from the grocery store and to find out if they would grow for us, we planted the cloves.

Two of my grandaughters each planted fifteen cloves in the prepared soil bed. They thought that was fun!  I poked a hole into the soil where each clove was to go in order to make it a little easier for the girls since it was getting dark.

Some of the garlic, if it decides to grow at all, will take longer because it will have to make a U-turn under the soil. I can wait...

I hope you enjoyed my first post for the new calendar year. Now I have to finish up my spreadsheets for tracking the 2011 gardening year and its associated expenditures. I'll report that in another post.

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Have a great vegetable gardening day!
Veggie PAK


  1. A fine harvest to bring in the New Gardening Year!

    Those girls are going to be some great gardeners!

  2. I wonder if the little girls will want to eat the garlic they planted, when it is ready...?

    Happy New Year to you - and please keep those veggie experiments going. We all enjoy hearing about the results.

  3. That is a great harvest to kick off the year with! The broccoli is particularly nice looking.

  4. Ringing in the new year with garden fresh broccoli and buttercrunch lettuce, that is so special. Your granddaughters are having so much fun plantig.

  5. I have heard of good results from people planting bulbs from the store. Sometimes when I do not use mine quickly enough, they start to sprout just on my counter. Hopefully your experiment turns out well!

  6. Sounds like a great harvest for this time of year! :) I hope your garlic turns out good.


  7. Love the u turn :-) Your grandkids will have such good memories.

  8. Beautiful broccoli. And garlic seems like such a good thing for kids to plant. It is so big. I remember mine always wanted to plant the seeds, but their little hands just couldn't hold them well.

  9. Robin, Thanks! I hope my grandkids are inspired to get into growing their own food when they're older. That's one of my goals.

    Mark Willis, I'm not sure if they'll want to eat it, but I know they'll want to dig it up! They love to go into the garden armed with tablespoons in order to "dig for treasure". When they're a little older, I'll explain that the treasure is all around them in the garden already. Fresh vegetables!

    kitsapFG, I agree, and thank you!

    Norma Chang, That was a good way to ring in the new year! They love to help plant things in the garden.

    Prairie Cat, I've heard the same. I've got my fingers crossed.

    My Urban Gardens, Thanks! I hope so too! Then I can show the grandkids what they planted.

    Karen Anne, I sure hope so! I remember how I felt about my grandparent's farm when I was a kid. I loved it! That's what I want them to have as their memories about mine.

    Daphne, Thanks! I also think it is a good thing for them to plant. It might be upside down, but at least it's in a row instead of being just broadcast on the soil.

    I wish a Happy New Year to every one of you and all those that find interest in my gardening efforts. I hope everyone's garden does very well this year!

    Have a great vegetable gardening day!
    Veggie PAK