Monday, January 16, 2012

Harvest Monday for January 16th, 2012.

Here it is mid-January and our garden is still producing. We have had just a very few isolated nights in the high 20's to low 30's, then it warms up during the day and the garden keeps going. Last week, a couple of the overnight lows were in the mid 50's.

Not much is going on in the garden this week. I'll be pruning back the grape vines while I have some time on my hands. After that, I'll cut back my heritage raspberries and mulch around them with compost.

I planted two Tifblue blueberry bushes this week. Now I have a total of six bushes and three varieties. I anticipate another good harvest of blueberries next year.

I harvested one pound three ounces of buttercrunch lettuce this week. A few leaves had the tips singed by the cold, but they can be trimmed. I'm procrastinating on getting them covered with plastic. I'll have to work on that!

I picked four pounds three ounces of collard greens this week. I'll be cooking them up with a nice country ham bone for seasoning.

The broccoli comes through again with a fine harvest of  two pounds five ounces. Fresh broccoli is so delicious! It's much sweeter than store-bought.

We've been enjoying our new fire pit at night. The flame is so high because I'm burning the twigs and branches that I pruned off our big oak tree out front. During regular use, the flame is only about one quarter of that height. It's a great way to dispose of the wood and after it sits a couple of days, I put the ashes on the compost pile.

And that's the news this week from Back Yard Organic Vegetables. I thank each and every reader for visiting and also those that share their comments with me. I hope all your gardens or gardening plans are doing well during this time of year!

Have a great vegetable gardening day!
Veggie PAK


  1. Nice harvest. You must find it some different gardening in Virginia after living in Upstate New York. Where were you in New York? I know most call the Catskills Upstate but I am much farther North and find gardening in zone 4 quite a challenge.

  2. Your garden is really producing great. I like your outdoor firepit too. I have one made out of 4 cement blocks with an old round grill grate on top of it. We seldom use it except to burn trash and branches like you are doing.

  3. Looks great! We've been having unseasonably warm weather here too. Unfortunately, I do not have a fall garden this year.


  4. Looks great! You could send some of that broccoli our way, we've use up our storage already and are back to store brought when we need it.

  5. What a harvest!!!!!
    We in the Hudson Valley are awaiting spring thaw.
    Glad you are enjoying your extended gardening season as compared to when you in Hudson, NY.

  6. wilderness, Thanks, and you're right! Gardening is different here in Virginia. Three days ago it was 40 degrees for a high. Today, the high will be 66!
    I'm originally from Hudson which is 125 miles north of The City, and 36 miles below Albany.

    becky3086, I'm really grateful for my garden's production! The fire pit is a handy way to dispose of the branches and create wood ash for the garden.

    Lynns SubUrban Garden Diary, Thanks! I hope the weather doesn't change to bitter cold.

    Rick, Thanks! The broccoli is great this time of year! We haven't had it do this well before.

    Norma Chang, If my soil froze solid like in your area, I would lose a substantial portion of my harvests. Here we can get something from the garden all year long. Veggies grow much slower in the winter, but at least they're growing. As I shared with wilderness above, today's high temp is supposed to be 66 degrees! Ahhh!

    Thanks to each of you for visiting and sharing your comments with me!

    Have a great vegetable gardening day.
    Veggie PAK

    1. Know exactly where you were. I am almost 100 miles north of Albany straight up I 87. Totally different growing season than Hudson

  7. We were thinking of getting a table top fire pit but then found out it is against our town laws. So sad. Ashes are wonderful things here in the northeast where the soil is so acidic.

  8. Nice crop!

    How often do you add the ashes from your fire pit to the compost pile? Does it modify the pH of the compost?

  9. The loopers love my collard greens more than anything else! I am hoping to successfully grow them again this year. I hear that the ashes are really acidic and should only be added by handfuls once in a while. xx