Monday, July 26, 2010

The Benefits of Vegetable Gardening

I made homemade tomato soup using my Mother's recipe. It came out wonderful!

I ended up with 20 quarts of homemade tomato soup!

After weeks of waiting, the day finally came for the great grape harvest!

Before I knew it, the entire grape harvest had been completed! The talley: 1 ounce of grapes! But the important thing is that they were home-grown organic grapes.

I wanted to make this a memorable occasion since it was the first grapes I had grown in my life. So I decided that we would eat the grapes at the Willie Nelson Concert that night. Lynn and I shared the grapes with Jonathan, Liz, Celie, Beth, and Dan. Everyone really liked them, but Celie liked them the best!

Yesterday, I used the cucumbers and giant marconi green peppers from the garden to make 5 quarts of cucumber salad with store-bought vidalia onions for keeping in the refrigerator. Tonight I made an additional 7 quarts of the cucumber salad, using the last of my cucumbers for this year. I also had to buy the peppers for it, since my peppers had all been picked so far.

We'll see how the bounty for the rest of the harvest season goes, but I'm concerned that the heat may have a major impact.

It's time to begin getting ready for the cool weather crop fall planting, so get those seeds into the soil blocks or peat pots, whichever you use. Remember, vegetable seed germination roughly takes between 7 to 21 days or so depending upon the vegetable you have selected. That would take the seedlings into early to mid August when they would be ready for transplanting.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Let's get those seeds germinating!

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