Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Canning the "Snaps".

Now it's canning time.

This is an 18 quart galley pot that I use for canning. I'm ready to begin processing the snap beans, or "snaps" as some folks like to call them.

These are the beans that couldn't fit into the 18 quart pot. I don't like cooking in an over-filled pot that sloshes over the sides when you are stirring the contents. I moved more of the beans into the second pot, since there were too many to process in one pot.

After processing three pressure canner loads of snap beans at 7 quarts each, I was ready to call it a day. The canning is completed and the jars have cooled overnight. This is what the preserved portion of my bean harvest looks like up to this point in time. Twenty-one quarts of delicious snap beans!

I'm thankful that I planned ahead for the second crop of warm weather vegetables for my garden. I know we'll enjoy these beans in the coming months.

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