Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very White Christmas!

I wanted to share some snowy weather pictures with all my blogging friends. I haven't seen snow like this here since the blizzard of 1980 when we got 16 inches of snow. Since then, I had been enjoying three harvest seasons per year for several years. Perhaps that good fortune has come to an end.

The weatherman got this one right! They predicted heavy snow and wind, and we got it. All 12 inches of it delivered with gusts up to 35 mph!  Now they're calling for two more inches during the night!

This is a definite casualty of the heavy snow. My wax myrtle that I planted three years ago for the birds to feed on, was snapped off clean at the height of the top of the fence. I'm not sure how it will survive that damage.

During the early part of the day today, the snow was really piling up on the garden. I must admit though, that it does look pretty.

If there was any chance of the broccoli and Brussels sprouts surviving the sustained colder than normal temperatures and previous snows, I think this snowfall put that hope right on top of the compost pile.

Critter tracks. Probably a neighborhood cat on the prowl. He picked the wrong night for that!

My chayote really took a licking this year with all this white stuff! And I thought I was doing bad with the first frost? Little did I know that so many snowfalls were on the way!

Try to stay warm, and keep the hot chocolate flowing.

Take care, and thanks for visiting!
Veggie PAK


  1. Sorry about your Myrtle. The snow does look pretty though. We were supposed to get 10" of snow yesterday in to today. The storm must have tracked a little east of us and we only have about one inch. It's very cold and windy, I guess I won't need to shovel!!

    Hope you had a nice Christmas!

  2. Heavy snow is right, I hope your tree recovers!!

  3. wow, you sure did get some snow!

    We got nothing but a dusting. My magnolia was pretty beaten last year and it's still alive today. Pretty ugly - like a notch is taken out of the top right corner of the tree - but still alive. Hope your wax myrtle makes it.

  4. Robin, I can't believe the weather this year! It's frigid. This morning it's 28 degrees! I haven't seen those temps sustained here in decades.

    Kelly, There are hundreds of broken pine tree limbs on the roads all over the city. It was just too much for them. I hope the tree recovers too! The birds love the berries when it's winter. Hopefully they will still get some of them.

    Wendy, I'm hoping the tree will make it okay. It was a vigorous grower this year, so the roots are strong. This "notch" is right in the middle of the tree. We'll see how it does.

    Thanks to each of you for visiting and sharing your comments. I really value your comments as gardening friends.

    Stay warm!
    Veggie PAK

  5. Look at all that snow! I hope your tree recovers, too. People all around us (in SE Nebraska) keep getting lots of snow, but we just get a dusting. Id like to get enough for a nice blanket for the perennials.

  6. Corner Gardener Sue, Unfortunately, I will have to prune out the main trunk of the wax myrtle. When it broke, it splintered into many pieces at the break. It looks like a box of toothpicks on end! I hope you get the nice snow blanket so you can take some pictures, and then it melts the next day. Today and yesterday were both in the mid 60's here. That sure made the snow go away fast!

    Thanks for visiting and sharing your comment.
    Veggie PAK