Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Harvest Monday for July 11th, 2011.

Our weekly harvest began with another 19 pounds of Fortex green beans picked on Thursday.

We are really thankful for the bountiful harvests of these delicious beans this year.

That harvest let me pressure can another 21 quarts of beans. One seal didn't take, so I put that jar in the refrigerator.

On Sunday just three days later, I went out and picked another nine and three quarter pounds of Fortex green beans. I have gotten 74.5 pounds of beans in just six pickings from 120 feet of total row length. There are still several hundred small beans still growing on the vines, so it's not over yet.

Our first Himrod grape harvest ever produced 1.06 pounds of these seedless grapes. I think this was the first and last picking of this type for this year. They are very sweet.

We also brought in our first harvest ever of Glenora seedless grapes. They weighed 2.75 pounds. We really had to fight the robins for these!

Harvests with no pics for this week:

Blueberries did well with .6 pounds. (6/10 lb.)
Sweet banana peppers weighed in at one pound with 19.
Giant Marconi Peppers were great with 27 weighing in at a total of 3 pounds.
Sweet Bell Peppers produced 4 fruits at 1/2 pound total.
Straight 8 cucumbers so far produced only one small cuc that weighed only 6 ounces.
A single Parks Whopper tomato at 7 ounces.
Whiteout sweet corn had two small ears at 7 ounces.

That concludes our harvest for this week.

Thanks to each and every visitor to my blog and also those that share their comments with me.

Have a great vegetable gardening day!
Veggie PAK


  1. Wow - looks like some Dilly Beans are in order :)

    Do you make jelly with your grapes?

  2. Those beans are really impressive - both the fresh harvest and your beautiful jars of them preserved. I would be fighting you for those grapes too (who can blame the robins?!).

  3. Amazing bean harvest. Our total last warm season harvested beans did not even sum up to your monday harvest this week. Beautiful grapes.

  4. That's a lot of beans. It is a good year for them, unlike last year when I didn't get a bean until beginning of August.

  5. Your grapes look wonderful! And that is truly an impressive harvest of green beans! Green beans are one of our more reliable crops as well. They're the main reason we bought a pressure canner; we now enjoy canned green beans at least once a week year-round.

  6. Holy smokes! You are rolling in beans! :) That's amazing.

  7. I think that you've gone a little beany there VP :) I don't grow many beans since we really don't eat many.

    Your grapes are just beautiful.....great job! How did you know it was me stealing those grapes???

  8. 75 pounds is a lot of beans! I never get tired of green beans. I grew Marconi peppers last year for the first time and can say they are my favorite pepper.

  9. Now that's a bean HARVEST! I had to replant for a late crop. Seems the rabbits are no longer intimidated by the dogs barking at them from the line of the invisible fence they can't cross :(

  10. That is a lot of beans! Very nice! The grapes look beautiful. Makes me wish we would have kept a few when we had them. But we gave them away after we moved in, in favor of a vegetable garden! ah, they had the best sun in the yard.

  11. Allison at Novice Life, Correct on the Dilly Beans. I made some last year for the first time and I like them a lot, so I'll be making them again. I think I'll try making some jelly with these grapes.

    kitsapFG, The beans do look nice both ways, don't they. Thanks to bird netting, I was able to save these grapes from the birds.

    Malay-Kadazan girl, Thank You, Thank You!

    johanna, It's been a good year for them so far. I hope it keeps it up!

    foodgardenkitchen, Thanks! They both took a lot of work to get to this point. Even though the dial gauge on the pressure canner I have is a pain, I'm glad to have safe food in storage.

    Hanni, That IS a lot of beans, isn't it?

    Robin, We love green beans in all kinds of cooking. I guess you could call me a "has bean"...
    How did I know? Video cameras protecting the crops. (Just kidding!)

    gardenvariety-hoosier, I don't get tired of green beans either. They're versatile in the recipe department. I'll be picking more Marconi's and trying my hand at freezing them for cooking later on.

    Carol, When I planted my beans, I started with a double row of seed down each row. It really paid off! Rabbits? They would be on my menu!

    Shawn Ann, Thanks! Yeah, the competition for the sunshine is a tough battle.

    Thanks to each of you for stopping by for a look at my blog. I really enjoy the comments you share with me!

    Have a great gardening day!
    Veggie PAK

  12. Oh my goodness! Grapes AND beans! Wonderful! My grapes are trying to make a come back this year, but are only about 6 inches tall...maybe next year???

  13. Wow that is so many beans. If I planted that many it would take a quarter of my garden space. I like beans, but not that much. Love the grapes. It is one of the fruit that I haven't planted, but I'll miss them.

  14. Holly.... Has anyone mentioned to you that's a lot of beans? J/K. How much beans did you plant?
    Those grapes look really delish.

  15. Wowser! Look at all those beans! How awesome! Our bean plants are just getting started. I hope to harvest beans soon too! I am so loving your grapes. We are also growing glenora but ours aren't ripe yet. I can't wait to taste them!

  16. Great harvest! Do you have any advice on growing grapes? My Thompson grapes shriveled up and I'm not sure why. They are in half gallon wine barrels but they are watered well and look pretty healthy. Thanks!

  17. Look at all those beans!!! That's just fabulous Veggie PAK. And your grapes look divine, I am yet to start a grapvine - what am I waiting for? :)