Monday, October 24, 2011

Sustainable Development Is In The News Again.

On this special day, Veggie PAK would like to share some good information with you for keeping up with current events as follows:

How the U.N. influences domestic policy
by Henry Lamb

On Monday, October 24, everyone is supposed to honor the United Nations in celebration of its 66th birthday.

A better idea would be for the United States to send an eviction notice to the U.N., and slam shut the funding door to every U.N. agency. The Department of Education has worked hard to see that generations of students are taught to embrace "the global neighborhood," and look to the U.N. as the last best hope for civilization. Actually, the U.N. has become the best hope to ensnare the world into global socialism under its administrative authority.

Those who snicker, laugh, or deny this reality, are simply ignorant of the facts and procedures, or want you to remain ignorant of the facts and procedures. Nowhere has the U.N. been more effective in its socialist policies than through the concept of "sustainable development" as defined in Agenda 21, a non-binding policy document adopted by 179 nations in 1992.

Agenda 21 policies were embraced and actively implemented by the (Clinton's) President's Council on Sustainable Development between 1993 and 1999. The Environmental Protection Agency provided grants to communities to implement Sustainable Development Policies as defined in Agenda 21. The Federal Register, Volume 63, Number 163, August 24, 1998 says:

"The Sustainable Development Challenge Grant program is also a step in implementing 'Agenda 21, the Global Plan of Action on Sustainable Development' signed by the United States at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992" (page 45157).

President George W. Bush did not promote sustainable development as overtly as did his predecessor, but he did not prevent his agencies from advancing Agenda 21 policies. Barack Obama has picked up where Clinton left off, and has accelerated the effort to implement Agenda 21 polices at every opportunity. His White House Rural Council seeks to transform rural America to the U.N.'s vision of what the countryside should be.

Public [read:

Agenda 21 (Chapter 7.16) says this vision can be achieved by:

a) Adopting and applying urban management guidelines in the areas of land management, urban environmental management, infrastructure management and municipal finance and administration;

c) Adopting innovative city planning strategies to address environmental and social issues;

d) Developing local strategies for improving the quality of life and the environment, integrating decisions on land use and land management,

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has launched a $150 million Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grants program that seeks to fund planning for: (1) economic competitiveness and revitalization; (2) social equity, inclusion, and access to opportunity; (3) energy use and climate change; and (4) public health and environmental impact.

Remember that the official land use policy of the United Nations is this: "...government] control of land use is indispensable."

Where does the federal government find authority in the Constitution to take your tax dollars and give them to planning agencies and non-government organizations to develop plans that force your community to conform to policies set forth in Agenda 21? There is no such authority, of course, but then, the Constitution hasn't mattered much to the federal government since Woodrow Wilson. The current president has less respect for the Constitution than any president in history.

Seven departments of the federal government (at 13:23) pay more than a half-million dollars per year in membership fees to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, an NGO in Gland, Switzerland. These departments send a delegation of their employees to conferences where the documents are written that eventually become U.N. Treaties and policy documents. Jessica T. Matthews, Bill Clinton's appointee to the State Department, said in "Foreign Affairs," that NGOs wrote the Framework Convention on Climate Change (page 204) in 18 months. They also wrote the Convention on Biological Diversity and Agenda 21.

These same employees are appointed as delegates to the U.N. conference where they vote to adopt the documents they wrote. These same employees then return home to testify before Congress about why they should ratify the treaties they wrote, and fund implementation of the policy documents they wrote. Then, these same employees actually implement the policies they wrote — and get paid to do it — with our tax dollars. This is precisely how the U.N. influences domestic policy.

Elected officials who insist that the U.N. has no way to enforce its policies are either blind to the actual practice that has been occurring for years, or they want to divert attention from that process and ridicule the people who realize that the United Nations is transforming domestic policy.

Every time the term "sustainable development" appears it is evidence of the influence of the U.N. on domestic policy. The U.N. created and defined the term. Regardless of how it may be presented, "sustainable development" is government-approved development. Freedom cannot long exist where every action requires government approval.

Henry Lamb is the author of "The Rise of Global Governance," Chairman of Sovereignty International , and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.


  1. "I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them."
    - Thomas Jefferson

  2. Mr. H., What an excellent quote! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    I wonder what Mr. Jefferson and the others of his time would think of the way this country has been and is being run for the last 75 years or so?

    Have a wonderful day!
    Veggie PAK

  3. I've listened to Mr. Lamb on interviews and had no idea these things were happening until then. I've also read a lot of his articles. Frightening things going on in this world in many areas, especially the government. Also a lot of deception within the churches. Thanks for posting this article, maybe some will read and be informed and research further. I plan on having my first garden this year and learning to can. We got our first chickens last year. I believe the economy is going to get worse so I want to learn as much as possible to be able to feed my family. I wish I'd been wiser and learned earlier in my life, I'm 50 years old but at least I recognize the urgency and trying to do what I can now. I look forward to following your blog. Thanks.

  4. Debbie, I am excited for you having your first garden this year! Canning? Get the Ball Blue Book on canning. About $6. I recommend a pressure canner for low acid foods like beans. Also, your cooperative extension office for your area will have a lot of information on canning. Also, National Center for Home Food Preparation.

    May I suggest you read up or watch some you tube videos on prepping food storage. Whether it's bad weather or the financial collapse, your family's survival will greatly be insured by stockpiling some food. When grocery shopping, pick up the items you normally buy, but make sure you get the ones with the farthest away expiration date. If you would like more info about how I have mine going, ask me via email and I'll discuss/explain it, and give you some sources that will be helpful.

    You won't regret it if you prep ahead of time.

    Thanks for visiting,
    Veggie PAK