Friday, August 6, 2010

Canning Our Pizza Sauce

My family loves pizza, so I decided to make some pizza sauce for those cold winter months when pizza is the perfect food. Actually, I think pizza is the perfect food anytime! After scalding the tomatoes, I skinned and cored them, but before putting them in the collection pot, I tried something different. For the tomatoes I have prepared for other recipes, I have had to cook them down for a long time to reduce the water content. This time, I skinned them, cored them, and then gently turned each tomato upside down and gently compressed each one with my hand. I say compressed and not squeezed because I think squeezing would render the tomatoes unsuitable for the intended purpose. The amount of excess water that came out was quite impressive. You can see the different appearance in the pot as they are not swimming in juice.

Although somewhat tedious, I even used the little Juliette's that I had available. It ended up going quickly though. Next year I plan to have a type of Roma as my main crop.

So after peeling and coring the tomatoes, I ran them through the blender on liquefy. They came out just fine, with a thicker, less fluid appearance and it produced 9 quarts of sauce. Then I put in three packages of Mrs. Wages pizza sauce mix. Each package makes around 5 pints of pizza sauce, and along with the rest of the package contents, it contains onion, spices, paprika, and garlic. Of course I had to sample the fruits of my labors and found it to be delicious!

I ended up with 16 pints of delicious pizza sauce, with each pint sufficient to make two 12 inch pizzas. Given the number of tomatoes that are continuing to ripen, and the wonderful taste of the finished product, I will definitely be making more pizza sauce and canning it for my family to use.

Have a great gardening day!

Veggie PAK

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