Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Annual Harvest To Date 1,383.81 Pounds

This is a list of the vegetables I grew/am growing and the actual pounds harvested since 1 January 2010. Those vegetables with no harvest to date are not included on this list. Vegetables still growing but not exhausted are on this list.

I track applicable individual units such as "each" tomato, cucumber, pepper, etc. One of the most productive plants was the Juliett tomato. It was a single plant of that type that came into my garden under the guise of a Park's Whopper. Although not what I intended, I was amazed by its productivity. From one single Juliett tomato plant, I harvested 744 tomatoes! To me, that's amazing, and they were delicious! I will absolutely plant a couple of those next year!

This is a picture of some of the Julietts after being blanched. They look like baby romas.

Beans, Butter----------------------16.3
Beans, Pole Green Snap Fortex------30.3
Collards, VATES-------------------256.5
Peppers, Giant Marconi Green-------21.95
Raspberries, Heritage---------------0.16
Squash, Butternut Waltham-----------0.69
Beans, Pole Green Snap Fortex------21.5
Blueberries, Climax-----------------0.016
Blueberries, Premier----------------0.594
Chard, Ruby Red Swiss--------------24.25
Corn, Whiteout---------------------24.5
Cucumbers, Burpless-----------------0.1
Cucumbers, Spring Crop, Slicing---289.5
Eggplant, Black Beauty-------------32.0
Grapes, Reliance Red----------------0.063
Herb, Dill, Boquet OG, Container----0.125
Herb, Sorrell or Schav--------------0.703
Herbs, French Tarragon--------------0.078
Herbs, Rosemary---------------------0.031
Herbs, Sage-------------------------0.039
Onion, Green------------------------0.313
Peanuts, Virginia Brand-------------0.001
Peppers, Mild Sweet Banana---------16.59
Potatoes, Yukon Gold----------------0.25
Raspberries, Heritage---------------0.58
Squash, Yellow/Green Zephyr---------5.25
Sunflowers, Giant Mammoth-----------1.75
Tomatoes, Brandywine--------------345.5
Tomatoes, Juliett------------------29.4
Tomatoes, Matt's Wild Cherry--------1.4
Tomatoes, Parks Whopper-----------246.4

Have a great vegetable gardening day!

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Veggie PAK


  1. I am presently working on my totals for the year for a post also!! That's an amazing amount!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Don't you love accidents like that? It is really nice when you find something that works so well.

  3. Robin, It was somewhat perplexing getting the info into the blog, but I ended up pasting from Excel into Notebook, editing it, and pasting from Notebook into the blog. I just couldn't make the columns line up. It was worth it though. Thanks for your support! I have to study how I can put my entire spreadsheet into my blog. I think others might really like it and even copy it or modify it for their own use.

    Daphne, yes, I do love when that happens! Surprise outcomes like that really serve as inspiration to forge ahead with vegetable gardening even though it doesn't always work out the way we want. It helps smooth out the rough patches. I really want to thank you for the Harvest Monday idea. That was so clever and it provides such a great way for all of us to compare notes, so to speak. You did a great thing for all of us in my opinion! Thanks!

  4. You have grown an immense amount of produce, very nice. How do you use all of those wonderful collard greens...as cooked greens? We use to grow a lot ourselves but then switched over to various kale as it seems to do better for us. I would like to get back into growing more collard greens again next year though as I love to cook with them.

  5. Mr. H, Thank you for the compliment, and the veggies are still growing! We shelled butter beans today and ended up with two pounds of shelled beans. Mmmm Boy! Since some things are easy to grow, I try to grow greens and cucumbers to have enough to share with the needy folks. I brought 102 pounds of collards and 67 pounds of cucumbers to a place called the Oasis Social Ministry in Portsmouth, Virginia. They do a wonderful job! They prepare meals and distribute food to the needy and elderly. The way I see it these days, there but for the grace of God, go I. My own family really puts a dent in the veggies at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It makes me feel good to grow food that my grandchildren will eat when we have dinner together. Especially when they help me take care of it in the garden!

    When it comes to kale, I love it, but making sure all the bugs are off can be time consuming. The leaves of the Vates collards are much smoother than those of kale, so there is practically nowhere for a bug to hide when you're stripping the leaves. Collards really are so delicious! I grow my collards right through the winter. Our ground doesn't freeze, so our collards, leeks, broccoli and Brussels sprouts all were underneath a few inches of snow several times last winter. It didn't hurt them from what I saw.

    Thanks for visiting!
    Veggie PAK

  6. Looks like candy very cute those tomatoes. Wow this is a very good variety when a single plant can produce hundreds.

  7. Malay-Kadazan girl, I must admit that when I first saw the little green tomatoes, I considered replacing the plant. I'm sure glad I didn't. Considering the little tomatoes that I missed and consequently fell on the ground, or the ones that the birds took a taste of, the count would have easily been over 1,000 from one plant. I'll know next year, because I'm planting them again. Although, they'll probably come up as volunteers in the spring.

    Have a great vegetable gardening day!

    Veggie PAK

  8. Hi VP - thankyou so much for commenting on my blog, its lovely to make a new acquaintance. I love the idea of weighing each unit, it certainly puts your harvest in perspective when you look at those figures - WOW! I think I will have to have a go at this next year, if my harvest was even half of yours i'd be thrilled!

    p.s your tomatoes look almost too pretty to eat - almost!

  9. freerangegirl, I began weighing my harvests because I felt I would like to have the information to help me decide what veggies would be suitable for resowing or replanting for the next growing season. Weighing has provided the information I was looking for.

    Thanks for visiting!

    Veggie PAK

  10. That's an amazing tomato! Where do you buy seeds?
    A friend of mine is always talking about collards, not sure what they are in Swedish, can you give me a name of a good variety?

  11. Dagliljan, That Juliett tomato actually came into my garden as what was supposed to be a Park's Whopper tomato plant. At first, I thought it was a Roma tomato plant, but after checking into it, it was indeed a Juliett Tomato plant.

    I like Vates collards. They were developed at the Virginia Truck Experimental Station in Norfolk, Virginia. They taste better after a good frost.

    As far as ordering seeds, I prefer to order mine online from Johnny's Selected Seeds in Maine, USA.

    Thanks for visiting!